Joinery condensation

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PVC Windows condensation

As the winter comes, bringing the first lower temperatures, there is often a problem with condensation and moisture on brand new PVC windows, especially on the glass itself, and later effect is that it becomes moldy and fungi all around, which people often band together pvc-windowunfairly with the process of instalation of those PVC windows. Main arguments for such claims is that there were not any of those unpleasant appearances before instalation of PVC windows, while there were just good old wooden joinery. However, the problem of condensation is far more complicated because a few square meters of glass could not anyhow influent the energy efficiency or indoor air humidity, which is the main cause of condensation appearance on window glasses.
There are a few every day examples from life that can clarify this phenomenon, such as glass spectacles, which gets befoged instantly when you enter the warm room after walking outside on the winter day, or the condensation of the windshield in your 1276570394636_hz-fileserver1_2844151car when seeral persons enters it after being parked outside on a cold weather. You will not blame bad glasses frame or your car quality for that situations. Condensation in your car is solved by ventilation, and the similar solution shoul be used in your home. Every home contains humidity produced by our every day activities, cooking, showering, laundry drying etc. and the interesting fact is that one man produces for about 2.5 litres of liquid daily for just breathing! Drying of the construction works in enterior could be another cause of humidity in living space. The question is how to make that humidity to leave the room an go outside.

Condensation appearance in rooms

It is a fact that wooden joinery have no influence on microclimate more or less than PVC joinery, and that difference in material is not crutial in ways of air circulation in living space. However, the whole thermal conductivity and permeability in modern construction conditions is far more complex that it used to be, because thermal loss tend to be minimized as much as possible. In old construction projects, humidity was very rarely appearanced, and there were no such problems as condensation and moisture.

That is because humidity in living rooms was formed in conditions where joint sealing of wooden joinery allowedpvc-windows
more air circulation that nowdays, when construction materials were wood, calx, reed, clay etc. which also allowed more air exchange between interior and outside, and the loss of heat was compensated with more heating, so the air circulation becomes even more intense, but all of this was leading to large heating costs. Nowday modern objects tend to be build so the max thermal insulation is achieved, so we have a greenhouse effect in our own home. So, many people wonders on how to solve the problem of condensation in their home.

 How to stop, prevent and control condensation

Humidity problems can be solved by instalation of airconditioning systems in frames of joinery, and it provides circulation and air exchange from inside out of your home. But, it is not necessairly that you have to windows_2074552binvest any money in solving this problem. The most healthy and cheapest way of humidity prevention is orderly aeration of living space. This action provides fresh and cold air to enter the home, and warm and wet ait to dry and be able to handle more humidity without side effects. Daily aeration will stop humidity accumulation inside your home, and all you have to do is to open the windows several times a day for 4-5 minutes, and the air exchange will do all the work.

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Home improvement – make (sm)art decisions

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Interior designers like to say that every home should be a reflection of its inhabitants. This is true, but when saying that, people usually think about decor and style of their living rooms, dining rooms or exterior of the house. We rarely think about a kitchen and a bathroom and most people would be surprised by the total amount of time we spend there during a lifetime.


Yet, home improvement experts say that bathrooms and kitchens are the most often improved and renovated parts of homes.bathroom-remodel-designs


Remodeling a bathroom is a challenging project that could get costly and more complex than you’d expect. Even a small makeover can be a major expense and even a small amateur mistake could cause a serious damage.

Improving a bathroom can involve complete re-doing, replacing all fixtures and upgrading on an overall look or just a few smaller renovation tasks.


Start with evaluation of your needs and reasons for remodeling. Set goals clearly. Consider what your present bathroom involves and offers and what changes you’d like to make. Whether it’s a new bathroom tub, surfaces, plumbing fixtures, finishes or some smaller practical items, do thorough research and find the inspirational design ideas that will fulfill your wishes and needs. Not every design, no matter how trendy it is and how much you like it, will suit your habits and everyday’s routines in bathroom.


You will need to choose adequate materials. You can shop the products at some home center, but keep in mind that some items, especially the big ones, like vanity top, can take few weeks to be delivered. Some local independent suppliers also come handy. The can do custom-cut features that fit into various spaces. Also, you can always shop online. All of these suppliers offer wide range of materials, shapes and colors, so don’t rush decision. Get some tips on bathroom layouts. Select countertops, a shower configuration, flooring, sink, faucets and toilet that will meet your needs and style. Make sure you have all the needed items on hand before getting your hand dirty and beginning the actual work.

At some point of project, it might be wise to consider hiring the RX-DK-DIY444018_place-raceway_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462contractors and professional assistance. You may need electrician or a plumber to help you run cables, move drain lines or handle some other parts of the job out of your amateur league. These experts’ services can seem costly, but if they solve the problems and save you from the risk of your do it yourself mistakes, it’s worth the expense.

A bathroom improvement projects, as any other home improvement task, tend to be expensive. Define your budget before you begin. Set your priorities and try to find some budget-friendly options on the market. The best way is to spend some extra money on one or two elements that will give a brand new look to your bathroom and that will reward you in the future. Some elements don’t last long if you buy them cheap and it’s hard to replace them later when they fail.


When talking about home improvement, it all comes down to balance between a style, a function and the costs. Plan carefully, make smart moves and keep it pleasant. After all, it’s a big investment into your own life.

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